Hoof health and care are very important and hoof care should be done 2 times in a year regularly. If the hoof care is not made, there may be milk and meat loss until 60-70%. You can make the hoof care/medical interference or necessary surgery of your animal securely with GETAGRI Cattle chute/Cattle Crush and with minimum stress to your animal. 

• Fixable entrance and exit doors
• Foot fixing 
• Mechanism to prevent the kicking for your own safety
•Necessary winch and rope in order to lift your animal
(to lift four feet at the same time)
• Galvanised coating for longevity


Cattle chute - Cattle Crush


  • Mobile with wheels for hand transport  and loading on trailer or pick-up (8 WHEELS ARE POSSIBLE)
  • Complete corrosion protected frame (YES)
  • Header catch (YES)
  • Safety elements (f.e. belts) (YES)
  • Anti-slip ground (YES)
  • Electrical connections and equipment for 220 V (YES)
  • An electrical lifting of backfoot (YES)


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Cattle Chute - Cattle Crush