GGETAGRI provides you solutions for composite Fiber Silos mainly uses for storing grain, animal feed and cereals in agriculture and livestock, flour, sugar and salt in the food industry and all powder and granule materials in all industries. Smooth surfaces and high degree material outlets prevent material from sticking and supply easy flowing. High thermal resistance avoids the material heating problem. It prevents wetness on silo inside surfaces that is caused by day/night temperature a humidity changing.
It keeps material dry and prevents from moisture. One of the big advantages from steel silos is it stop must and toxic occurrence against temperature and humidity and save animals from feed poisoning and mortality. It increases foods plant’s efficiency with easy cleaning, hygienic design, and food processing approval certificate.

Fiber composite material that is used on the production of silo body is totally rustproof, maintenance free and supply long life. Silo supports installed outside of the silo and made by hot dip galvanized steel against open-air conditions. Reaching on the top of silos supply with standard ladders that is designed according to human safety. It has much optional equipment for material charge and discharge process. It has different models from 3.5 m³ to 70 m³ capacities. It combines 2, 3 or 4 parts depends on the capacity, transport un-assembled and assemble on the owners' place. Thanks to light-weight and modular construction it moves and assembles easily

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Composite Silos