The construction of the GETAGRI heat recovery tank is very simple since there are no moving parts in it which make it maintenance free.
• The outer shell is made of stainless steel AISI 304.
• The inner vessel/boiler is made of stainless steel AISI 316 as well and the heat exchanger has been welded on it.
• The heat exchanger consists of two totally independent parts which make possible the connection of two separate refrigeration units.
• Between the outer and the inner shell, high-density environment-friendly polyurethane foam is used as insulation which can preserve the heat inside the tank
for a long time.
• The heat recovery tank is placed on an elevated base made of stainless steel and that makes the cleaning of the installation is easy.
• Inside the vessel, there is a three-phase electric heater with power (6.5 kW) enough to heat the water if no refrigeration unit is present. The electric heater is
accompanied by a thermostat to regulate the desired water temperature in the tank.
• The mechanical thermometer is mounted on the outer shell of the tank for reliable monitoring of water temperature.
• The heat recovery tank has an input and an output for each of two separate parts of the heat exchanger and both are located on the bottom of the tank. The inlet
of the water is located on the top of the tank while the outlet on the bottom.
• A safety valve 6-8 bar can be installed on cold water inlet for the protection of the heat recovery tank.

Heat Recovery Tanks