It is a unit with 4 main programs which can be programmed according to the properties of your milking system and thanks to which you will get the maximum efficiency. You can program the
washing parameters in order to provide the ideal washing hygiene by considering the effects such as length of your milking line, the number of your milk terminals, climate and ait conditions
under which your system is situated and others.
• Thanks to detergent and acid dosing pumps, you can start the washing with a single button without necessitating detergent and/or acid and with this feature, necessary detergent and/or
acid can be provided with automated dosing for the ideal and economic washing.
• Self start-complete and end feature start the milking parlor itself without needing anybody by entering the timing settings.
• It starts or stops the washing process if the necessary parameters (temperature, the quantity of the water, vacuum quantity etc) for the ideal washing does not exist.
• It increases the number of vacuum during the washing in order to provide the ideal washing.
• The program can be watched and controlled from the screen thanks to the light sensor and digital screen

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