In this milking parlor, milkers stand near the milking pit with 30°-45° angles and the milking is done from the side easily. In the milk farms where the number of milkers is not a lot, these are
the most suitable costly friendly milking parlors. It is possible to apply the herringbone milking parlors in two ways “DOUBLE LINE” and “MIDLINE”.

Double Line: In this milking parlor, all the milking cows are milked at the same time in the paddocks existing in both sides of the milking pit.

Midline/Swingover: It enables the milking paddocks standing face to face to be milked in turns. As one side is being milked the cows on the other side are moved out and replaced with
unmilked ones. When the milking specialist prepares the milking cows of one side, milking cows of other side ends and milking cluster can be passed to the other side. This milking process is
applied in face to face milking paddocks. It is the most suitable investment for the milk farms not having a lot of milking cows and 1 milking specialist can handle it.


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Herringbone Milking Parlor