GETAGRI gives EXPEDIENT solutions thanks to its experience of wide range of products, manufacturing and comprehensive service and distributing agents. Within this line, GETAGRI has given
importance to Research and Development activities on forward-looking products and solutions, and has been increasing its investments each year for this. GETAGRI serves a wide scope of
product range including;

• Cutting-edge technology and long life products
• High efficiency
• Highly qualified milk
• Low Care Costs
GETAGRI provides the stalls of the milking parlors with its partners in ergonomic designs in order to provide controlled and suitable milking for cattle and ovine milking systems. With its
highly qualified electronic and pneumatic pulsators used in the systems, ergonomically suitable milking claws for the animals, advanced technology washing units and organic disinfection
products, it provides healthy, highly efficient and economic milk production. The system’s life is long and maintenance costs are low with the highly qualified and advanced technology
GETAGRI offers highly efficient systems by using special design and drawing programs.

Milking Parlors